Electromagnetic Field Levels meter

See the EMF Meter in Action

This site contains 5 small video clips demonstrating the use of the Electromagnetic Field Meter.  Each film clip show the EMF Meter being exposed to a different level of Electromagnetic Field.  You will see how easy it is to use the K-II meter.  The film also shows briefly how to measure EMF levels.

You will want to buy one for your home and workplace and take unlimited readings of all the key areas frequented by your spouse and children and loved ones.

In your workplace, you will be able to quickly and easily take EMF readings of your immediate workstation and high traffic areas.

The use of the K-II Electromagnetic Field Meter is unlimited.  You will want to use it over and over again to ensure that you are not exposed to extreme level of Electromagnetic energy.

When I first tested my workstation environment, I was able to quickly detect extremely high levels of EMF caused by four medium sized power adaptors that had been plugged near my PC.  By shifting these transformers away from me, I was able to reduce the EMF to an acceptable level.




I also found that my PC screen was giving out a very high reading--and that, by moving it back towards the wall the EMF was greatly diminished.

Other items that I found needed relocation were the electric clock sitting next to my bedside table and the neon light fitting on my desk.

The adjustments I made were minor--but they significantly reduced the level of EMF.

In order to view the small video films below please allow the browser to load the necessary Media Player element. 

Internet Explorer will probably block this action--allow the action to continue if you want to see the movie clips.

If you do not wish to see the video clips, take a look at the photographs below.  Each picture shows you the behaviour of the EMF Meter when it is exposed to different EMF Levels.





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How to measure EMF levels

The process is so easy, anyone can do it quickly and easily--simply press the button in the centre and watch the LED light up.  Each reading will give you an instantaneous result--use your EMF meter over and over again for an unlimited number of readings.  It is that simple.







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