EMF meters interesting links

EMF Meters interesting links

I intend to post links on this web page that deal with Electromagnetic Field issues and that are credible and interesting .  I am looking for non sensational sites that offer good sensible advice. Issues about the effects of EMF on the human body are extremely controversial at present--and I am seeking links to sites that offer facts, credible data and reputable research.

In particular, I am looking for helpful websites that offer good advice on how to help minimise harmful EMF emissions and on how to minimise exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation..

In other words, if your site is credible, constructive, positive and helpful, please send me an E-mail and ask to be listed here.  I will review the site and publish a link if it meets our requirements.  Thank you!


What is EMF

World Health Organization Best Home Workout Videos best supplements for emf





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