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Electromagnetic Field


What is EMF

What is EMF?

  • Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) emissions or radiation are created whenever electrical power flows though a wire, conductor or appliance.  EMF cannot be seen, felt or heard, but they are present in and around all electrical lines and devices.

  • EMF emissions are measured in units called milliGauss (mG).

  • The measurement of Electromagnetic Fields radiation can vary and is measurable using an EMF Meter





Why measure EMF?

The effects of EMF (especially of high levels of EMF) on the human body is a highly controversial issue.  There is a growing number of reputable scientists who claim EMF can cause cancer, leukaemia in children, depression and even suicide

  • A most significant study headed by Australian Oncologist Ray Lowenthal was recently (Sept 2007) seen on the ABC National News.  The newscast reported that :

    • A Tasmanian study shows that children living near high-voltage power lines are more likely to develop cancer.  Oncologist Ray Lowenthal led the research, which explores the impact of electric power lines on the development of diseases including lymphoma and leukaemia.  The research shows that people who lived within 300 metres of power lines when they were children were more likely to suffer from cancer.

  • On the other hand scientific studies conducted by Government Bodies and electricity related industries seem to suggest that there is weak evidence of any dangers related with EMF.  I have include two links that provide Government/Industry study results.  I chose these two because they are well written and easy to understand.

    • Victorian Government Report on EMF Safety Electromagnetic fields and health issues a short extract is reproduced below

      • Various studies have comprehensively investigated power lines and cancers (such as leukaemia) to see if there is a causal link. Some researchers maintain that EMF generated by power lines have frequencies which are too low to influence living cells or harm DNA. Other researchers disagree. They suggest that EMF from power lines can cause significant changes in a biological system via electric fields induced in the body. Scientific standards have been developed to limit public exposure to power-frequency EMF, so that induced currents are below those that occur naturally in the body.

    • New South Wales Government publication Information for GPs Electromagnetic Fields

  • A statement from the manufacturers of the K-II EMF Meter

    • EMF emissions are recognised as an environmental agent that are a potential threat to public health.   Some scientific evidence suggests links of the biological effects of EMF to childhood leukaemia, brain cancer, miscarriages and foetal abnormalities.  We are exposed to EMF at home, in the workplace and even outdoors everyday.

A world free of EMF is not only impossible--it is also inconceivable.  Electricity and electronic products such appliances, computers and cellular phones have enriched our lives immensely.  There is little doubt that electronics will continue to play and ever growing role in our lives and in the lives of future generations.  Electricity is a wonderful invention and when properly understood and respected it is very safe.

Reading such high numbers of conflicting reports about the safety of EMF radiation, generated by so many respectable and credible scientists and academics, we deduct that there must be an element of truth in all their statements. 

Our final conclusion is that until we truly know  the full facts about the effects of Electromagnetic radiation on the human body, the most logical action would be to measure EMF and to avoid exposure to high levels--does that many sense?




What levels of EMF radiation are safe?  The manufacturers of the K-II EMF meter report

  • Many studies on Electromagnetic Field Radiation have determined that the relationship between field strength and health risks also involves other factors which also make it impossible to assign exact danger levels limits based only on field strength.

    Though the US Government has not yet provided exact danger level limits, other countries and many states have already set standards for exposure based on field strengths. 

    In general a target of 2 to 3 milliGauss is believed to be a maximum level for continuous exposure. 

    The Electromagnetic Field Meter measures magnetic field strength.  Green LED indicates normal everyday levels of exposure, the higher more suspect field strength readings are indicated by the Yellow, Orange and Red LED displays.



What can we do about EMF levels?

The easiest thing is to try to reduce your exposure to the fields by practising "prudent avoidance".  Measure all of the electrical appliances and devices at home, at work and when you travel, noting the results on the provided Exposure Log.  Then try to avoid the Yellow/Orange/Red range readings by staying far enough away from the appliance to remain in the Green Range.

Rearranging your furniture or appliances, or by using timers on some appliances to reduce exposure when operating can also be effective in reducing your exposure.

Continue to check field sources around and in your home, as well as in the schools or your workplace on a routine basis since fields may change (IE: appliances may change due to age or pending failure).

Use the EMF Meter when you travel, are looking Real Estate or when shopping for new appliances.




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