EMF Meter

Electromagnetic Field EMF Meter - made in USA - High Quality - Reliable - Accurate - Inexpensive

 Safecity is a wholly owned and operated Australian company, distributor for the EMF Meter K-II and the Dog Dazer products

Introducing the new reliable and accurate EMF Meter.  A high quality electromagnetic field meter manufactured in the USA high quality, reliable and accurate EMF levels detection.

The K-II is a compact, and reliable Electro Magnetic Field Radiation detector.  The plastic case is durable and rugged, the unit is easy to use and comfortable to hold in the hand.

The most remarkable feature of the K-II is its speed.  Compared to other detectors (some of them more than double in price) the K-II is faster in response and performance.  This is because of the latest technology used by the US Manufacturers. 

The inexpensive price of the K-II Electromagnetic Detector makes it possible for everyone to carry out unlimited Electromagnetic Radiation tests in the home and workplace environment, accurately, easily and fast.





K-II Electromagnetic Field Meter

Actual size

Actual size

Product Information and Specifications


Model Name and Number EMF Meter K-II

EMF levels detection range  0 to 20+ milliGAUSS

Detection Frequency 050/60 Hz (50 to 1000 Hz - ELF)
    1000 to 20000 Hz VLF

Accuracy to 5% typical

Operating Temperature -18 to 49 C
    0 to 120 degrees F

Battery Requirements

9 Volt Battery is included and fitted and ready for operation.  Battery easily replaced.


15 cm (L) x 6.4 cm (W) 3.5 cm (D)
    5.75" (L) x 2.25" (W) 0.54" (D)


170.10 g
    6 ounces

Ease of operation

One button operation -- instant readout and measurement via LED.  Guide Chart of Acceptable and High levels appears on the face of the unit.  LED EMF markings ensure ease of operation and instantaneous reading of EMF levels even in complete darkness.  The K-II EMF Meter does not emit a noise and is not suitable for the visually impaired.


The K-II Electromagnetic Radiation Detector is safe solid state device.  As with all electronic devices it must not be immersed in water. 


The manufacturer warrants the K-II for 60 days from the date of delivery.  


You are now able to purchase this item directly from the manufacturer at considerable savings.  This site is no longer offering sales of this item and remains as an informational site only.




See the Electromagnetic Field Detector in Action -- Click Here!







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Electromagnetic Radiation Detector - made in USA - High Quality - Reliable - Accurate - Inexpensive

 Safecity is a wholly owned and operated Australian company, distributor for the EMF K-II and the Dog Dazer products